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Tallahassee Outdoor Flooring That Outperforms Traditional Epoxy Floor Coatings

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Floor Shield Coatings is an industry leading protective coating used to protect the outside flooring of homes and businesses from the harsh Tallahassee environment. Our coatings have earned their reputation by never yellowing, peeling, or coming off during even the most severe weather. They are ideal for protecting your exterior against everything from extreme temperatures to common foot traffic, all in a long lasting & cost-effective solution! Unlike traditional floor products, Floor Shield is designed to stand up to moisture and UV light. Floor Shield can be applied to any concrete, wood, and masonry surface (driveways, decks, patios, and more) to provide a durable and seamless coating that will keep your outdoor flooring in Tallahassee looking new for years.

Exterior Concrete Floor Coatings

Looking to spruce up your outdoor flooring? You're not alone, and adding a fresh coat of flooring can help you make the most of your home. With Floor Shield, we can do just that. From our experienced Tallahassee team to our professionally applied product, everything is handled by us. Floor Shield of Tallahassee is the number one company in the area that offers high index coatings that can withstand the elements, flex with your concrete, and endure whatever punishment you throw at it. It's tougher than regular epoxy flooring options and is available in custom colors and patterns to give you the outdoor flooring look you've always wanted.

Trust Floor Shield for your Tallahassee concrete coatings! Floor Shield isn't just any coating but a new type of concrete finishing solution for premium outdoor flooring. If you need coating for your garage flooring, bathroom flooring, or any other floor surface, Floor Shield can help protect you from slip and fall injuries and damage caused by chemicals, oil spills, and more! Best of all, it is completely maintenance free. Come learn more about the great benefits of using Floor Shield Coatings on your surfaces today!

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